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I love the power of food, the taste of food and how food makes me feel.  It has the power to alter our genes, to nourish us, to give us lifelong health and wellness, and to magically bring people together.

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Cancer is a disease that we have been fighting for over a million years.  It is a remarkably adaptable and elusive disease that has been outsmarting us for generations. The statistics are alarming – half of all men and a third of all women will be diagnosed with cancer by 2020.  These statistics would tell you that everyone knows someone who has been impacted by cancer – myself included.  I lost my mother to lung cancer over ten years ago.  Her surgery and treatment left her immune system weak and therefore vulnerable to illness. Back then, I wish I had understood the power of food to help her, if not to potentially alter her outcome, to at least make her more comfortable and stronger during treatment. 

A whole foods diet is both cancer-preventative and cancer-fighting. Studies show that the right nutrients can adversely impact the growth and spread of cancer while making cancer cells more susceptible to death during treatment. When applied accordingly, whole foods, along with particular diet and lifestyle strategies, can enhance the efficacy of traditional treatment, minimize the dreaded toxic side-effects, and increase the likelihood of long-term survival and quality of life.  

Regardless of what treatment approach you have chosen, combining conventional treatment with complementary therapies, such as nutrition, in an integrative system offers the best odds for a successful outcome.  Our goal together is to make your body inhospitable for cancer to thrive. 

Most cancers are preventable when we practice a balanced lifestyle and eat real foods as found in nature. We are all fighting cancer every day.  It may surprise you to learn, as it did me, that a healthy adult produces 500 -1000 new cancerous cell each day.  Fortunately, the nutrients found in whole foods provides the body the tools necessary to ensure those cancerous cells don’t develop and flourish. 

I am a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Oncology Nutrition Therapy Practitioner who helps people adopt a cancer-fighting diet. I work with people who are looking to prevent cancer, people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and people who are in remission.  The path to health does not end after treatment, it should last a lifetime.

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