It isn’t always easy to find quality ingredients or foods that you can trust. When I stumble upon a reputable supplier who is is like- minded and offers products of high nutritional standards I treasure it. These are a few of the companies I believe in and order from myself. I would encourage you to always read labels as some of these companies carry a wide variety of products and I cannot guarantee that all the items are free of additives or other ingredients you may prefer not to consume.



Cultures for Health Everything you need to make anything related to cultures. From cheese making to kombucha and more can be found here.

Kombucha Kamp A plethora of supplies to start home brewing kombucha. Complete with recipes, “how to” videos and a comprehensive blog.


General Grocery

Organic Burst A wonderful resource for quality organic superfoods. From matcha to spirulina.

Wilderness Family Naturals A great selection of products including oils, dried fruits, nuts, flours, cacao and coconut products. Particularly, their raw nuts are pre-soaked and dehydrated for optimal nutrient digestion and absorption. Many items are certified organic and raw.

Bremner Farms Roadside Stand Unpasteurized raw almonds can only be purchased directly from the farmer who grows them, according to California law. Bremner Farms may be one of the very few sources available.

Barefoot Provisions A great resource for paleo and primal foods.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Sustainably harvested sea vegetables from the North Atlantic.

Nutiva Delicious organic coconut oils and plant based oils. 

Vital Proteins An excellent source for collagen from pasture raised cows for healthy aging of skin, hair, bones, joints, muscles, and gut health.

Wise Choice Market Creating bone broth at home is easy, but if you are looking for a short cut Wise Choice Market is a great resource. They also offer wonderful grass fed raw cheeses and organic soaked nut butters.

Four Sigmatic  Drinkable mushrooms!  Delicious mushroom elixirs, coffees and blends.  This is how I begin every morning.  Supportive of productivity, immune health, or relaxation.   




Meat & Fish

Vital Choice Excellent source for wild caught fish, shell fish and canned seafood.

Alaska Gold Offering delicious line-caught wild salmon, halibut, sablefish and albacore tuna. Offered by the pound or in monthly prescriptions delivered frozen to your home. We love our monthly delivery!

Bare Bones Broth Delicious pasture raised bone broths in BPA free packaging. A wonderful blog with fun recipes.

Greensbury Farm Organic, sustainably raised meats including lamb, pork, beef, chicken, duck, bison, and seafood.

Kettle and Fire Offering shelf stable bone broth from grass-fed pasture raised cattle.

Nicks Sticks Yummy meat sticks offering grass fed beef or free range turkey free of nitrates, antibiotics, hormones and MSG.

Corner Post Meats  Direct to consumer sustainable ranchers offering grass fed meats from Colorado.  Offering lamb, chicken, beef, and pork delivered to your home.  



To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. Hard to come-by sprouted grains, flours and legumes. Certified organic with some gluten free varieties. Also includes a wonderful recipe selection.

Wise Choice Market Delicious sprouted grains, raw organic cheeses and more.

Jovial Foods Organic gluten free pastas and einkorn flour products.

Tru Roots Organic sprouted grains, legumes and whole grain pastas.


Herbs, Spices & Oils


Bulk Herb Store Quality herbs and spices for cooking and teas.

Monterey Bay Spice Company There is no spice, herb or tea these guys don’t have.  They even sell spirulina. 

Mountain Rose Herbs A complete selection of organic herbs, spices and loose leaf teas.

Vibrant Blue Oils Organic therapeutic essential oils available in blends or single oils.  A wonderful therapeutic way to support the health of internal organs.  The site offers a quick online self-assessment and easy “how to use” guides.  


Home Products


AquaTru Water Filter  A top notch counter water purifier which removes 76 chemicals including chlorine and fluoride. 

Berkey Water Filters Filters chlorine and fluoride. It comes in various sizes to suite your needs and offers a lifetime guarantee; however, they will no longer ship the Big Berkeys to California.  

Vintage Tradition Whole body natural skin care tallow balm for face, hands, feet, and body.  I love this stuff!  I put it on my feet and even around the eyes at night before bed.